Class Syllabus

Class Syllabus

Student Qualifications for Class

Students enrolled in this class must have a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) which specifies that they be in this class. My class provides support and assistance through using  a modified curriculum. I use individual and small group instruction in order to ensure success for each student.  Students work toward being successful in their careers, community life and independent living.

Class Schedule:

1st Block - Transition

2nd Block - Elective

3rd Block - Science

4th Block - Math

The goal of this class is to assist high school students by following their academic, social and transition goals and accommodations for general education listed in their IEPs. This will consist of one or a combination of modified curriculum, class monitoring, oral testing, assisting with class work, extended time for testing, projects and studying for tests. The teacher is responsible for remediation in deficit areas, addressing transition, and self-advocacy goals. Due to the diversity of student learning styles, abilities, and needs, a variety of instructional strategies will be utilized. The amount of time spent on any one unit will depend on the instructional level of that individual student.