Welcome to Army JROTC

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,
             Welcome to Garrett Academy of Technology Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AJROTC). Today is the beginning of what we hope will be a partnership of a highly successful year and a journey through the high school experience for students, parents/guardians. We are part of approximately 4,645 Army JROTC programs running throughout the nation, and growing.

As a student you are responsible for your own learning. You will need to come to school with spirit of curiosity, openness for knowledge, preparation for the day's activity without excuses. You are expected to be punctual and present for all classes. You will need to be prepared when you arrive for class by having completed all homework assignments and having all of your necessary equipment for class, example: text book, pen/pencil, composition style notebook, and paper. All rules for Garrett Academy (GAT) will be enforced, especially for contraband items (ipods, cell phones, radios, etc). While in the classroom you will be expected t0 respect the rights, feelings, opinions, and property of your classmates. Be courteous and use appropriate language in and around JROTC complex. You will need to practice safety at all times, especially when engaging in the many JROTC extra-curricular activities. You will be expected to obey and carryout to the best of your ability the orders of your cadet leaders and the chain of command as well as all school rules and regulations.

             Parents/guardians, your assistance will be required in monitoring your cadet's attendance at school for tardiness and absenteeism. He/she will need your sincere interest in becoming part of the school and JROTC experience. As a JROTC cadet, PARTICIPATION in JROTC activities, e.g. Uniform Days, Annual Army Inspection, Community and School service events/projects are a graded portion of his/her JROTC academic grade.

            Should a cadet be absent from school or any period of instruction for other than disciplinary reasons, he/she must makeup assignments (i.e. uniform wear, PT sessions) or test(s) within the quarter. Should there be an extended absence from school; parents/guardians should request through the counselors homework assignments that will keep your cadet on track with their subjects.

            When activities are scheduled outside of school hours or away from the premises of GAT, a parental permission form will be needed not later than three days before the event.

            Should you or any cadet have a question, feel free to contact the Senior Army Instructor or the Army Instructor at  (843) 529- 4946, M-F, 0630-1530 or Rayford_Mitchell@Charleston.K12.SC.US