Army JROTC Class Rules



1.  Cadets will report to the classroom each day of class.  Please be inside the classroom at the sound of the tardy bell. Cadets tardy to class will be given a warning for the first offense, a lunch detention for the second offense, parents contacted and Office referral on the third offense with a lunch detention. Cadets will be subject to removal from cadet status on any subsequent tardiness.

2.  Doorways are for entering and leaving a room.  Cadets will not stand in or block doorways.

3.  Each JROTC classroom instruction period will begin with the class attendance being taken by a class leader.

4.  Chewing gum, eating, talking, whispering or horseplay is not acceptable conduct and will not be tolerated in the JROTC areas.

5.  No open drink containers will be brought into the JROTC classroom or office, before, during, or after the school day.

6.  Classroom instruction will be conducted with all students at ease.  Cadets will not slouch in their seats, put their feet on other desks, or be inattentive to instruction.  Cadets are expected to sit erect with both feet under their desk.

7.   During classroom instruction cadets will raise their hands in order to ask or answer a question.

8. Cadets will practice good personal hygiene including, haircuts, proper hair color, now excess hair (hair must fit under the JROTC cap), no male earrings in class or while in JROTC uniform.  The ABCs (learned in class) of proper hygiene will be followed at all times.