Fall 2016 Credit Recovery Registration
Fall 2016 Credit Recovery Registration
  • Registration

August 17 - October 7 for students in grades 11-12th

August 24 - October 7 for students in grades 7-10th

To register for courses please log into your VirtualSC Dashboard and select the classes you wish to take. Remember counselor approval must be completed within 72hrs after you request the course!

  •   Classes Begin

Credit Recovery courses begin each Monday during the CR enrollment period listed above. Courses will be open for access at 8:00 a.m.

On the first day of class log into your VirtualSC Dashboard, and click on the Moodle icon. This will take you to your VirtualSC classroom where you can begin working in your class. Your course will be available to you 24/7. Remember, you must start working within the first 5 days of class or you will be removed from the course.

  •   Last Day of Class 

December 12th, 2016

  •  Final Grades Posted

December 14th, 2016