Rules, Policies & Procedures

Class Procedures and Discipline Policy

Students are to be in the classroom before the tardy bell. Planners are to be on their desk and open to the correct date. The teacher will check the planners and assess what work students have to do for that particular day.

Class Rules

Come to class on time.

Come to class prepared to work

Have a good attitude and treat others with respect.

 Abide by rules and procedures in the student handbook.

 Be a self-advocate in a positive way!

The teacher will follow a five-step discipline plan for minor infractions. Step 1 Student warning

Step 2 Parent contact

Step 3 Teacher consequence

Step 4 Parent conference

Step 5 Referral to an administrator

Parent Contact

Parents are advised of their student’s grades by progress reports and report cards from their general education classes. The resource teacher will also send progress and quarterly reports detailing the student’s progress toward reaching the goals of their IEP. Parents are also contacted on an as-needed basis through phone calls, emails, or notes sent home.