Classroom Syllabus

French II


Mrs. Brackin-Duncan

Garrett Academy


Phone: (843) 693-2616


Wiki Address: TBA

Please Note: This syllabus is subject to change any time during the semester.

Course Description:

French II is offered as a preliminary language course that stresses the use of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.  Students will learn how to write in full sentences, read, comprehend, and speak the target language on a Novice-Intermediate Level.

Course Objective:

To maximize the language learning experience, students will be exposed to a curriculum that will enable them to survive in situations where English will be of little to no use at all.  Students will be taught based on the five C’s of competency: Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities, and Communication (interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational.  By the end of this course, students should be able to conjugate verbs in multiple tenses, write compositions, and appreciate a greater understanding of French culture.

Course Standards:

The goals for this course are the same as those described in the South Carolina Modern and Classical Languages Standards.  The following is a link to the standards found on the South Carolina Department of Education .

Instructional Materials and Resources:

Textbooks and Listening Activities Required for Class

Bien Dit: Level II

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be on time, in your seat at the bell, immediately beginning the assignment on the board (our school wide tardy policy will be implemented).

  2. COME PREPARED: homework, books, and other materials (Pencils will not be given without collateral).

  3. Treat others with respect at ALL times: no “FOUL” behavior allowed (will be discussed in class).


Classroom Procedures:

When you walk into the classroom, you should:

  1. Get your folder and your class notebook.

  2. Turn to a blank page and start on the Bell Ringer immediately.

  3. If you have a question, wait until I come into the room.  I will answer your question then.

  4. Do not stand in the hallway between classes.  I will shut and lock the door as soon as the bell rings whether or not you are on the right side of it.  Please use the restroom before the bell rings.

*Your belongings cannot count you as present in my roll book.

5. Behavior signals, Bathroom Policy, and Cell Phone Policy will be discussed separately.

6. Never open the door to talk to anyone.  After your third warning of the semester, you will receive a detention.  The door must be shut at all times.

When you leave the classroom, you should:

  1. Make sure your area is clean.

  2. Put your folder in the folder filer by the door.

  3. Stack your notebook with your class by the folder filer.

  4. Stay in your seats!  The extra walk from your desk to the door will not save you any time!

Make Up Work:

Students are responsible for:

  1. Getting notes from another student.

  2. Scheduling a time to make up a test.

  3. Collecting class work/homework assignments.

  4. There will be a makeup crate on the table by the door that will be updated regularly.  Your work will not be graded until an excuse for your absence is presented to the teacher.

Attendance and Tardy Policies:

  1. By state regulation, you may not miss more than 5 days in order to receive credit for completing the unit.  All absences beginning with the sixth must be excused (doctor’s note for medical illness).  

  2. Your 5th tardy will result in a parent contact.  10 tardies or more will receive a referral.

  3. Students tardy for any reason will not be allowed to make up quizzes or class work missed in their absence.

Grading Policy:

The Grading Scale in this class is as follows:

Classwork/Homework:              25%

Tests:                                            25%

Quizzes:                                        12.5%

Participation:                               25%

Projects/Presentations:             12.5%

  1. Classwork/Homework- This will be the bulk of the class.  I strongly encourage students to take their personal studies very seriously.  This work will include worksheets, sentence formations, verb conjugations, journal entries, and anything else done within the classroom setting.

  1. Tests and Quizzes- Tests will be given bi weekly.  Quizzes will be given once a week.

  1. Participation- will be graded through the Euro system.  Each time a student raises their hand AND answers the question correctly, they will receive a Euro and will write their name on the back.  At the end of each class period, I will collect and record all Euros.  Students may also receive Euros by performing jobs and winning games.  Good behavior will be rewarded with Euros and bad behavior may result in losing Euros.  Students are required to receive AT LEAST 35 Euros a week in order to receive a passing Euro grade.  All Euros over the 40 mark will roll over into the next week.

  1. Projects/Presentations: Mini dramas will be assigned at least once a month.  There will be at least two of three Power Point presentations:  “La Culture,” “Mes Vacances,” and “Mon Avenir”.


Grading Scale

A     100-93

B     92-85

C      84-77

D      76-70

F      69-below

Communication with Parents

Please contact me about any concern or questions you may have about your child’s progress.  I check my email often and will respond to your question as quickly as possible.  Please see the first page of this syllabus for my information.

Progressive Discipline Plan

Following the Capturing Kids Hearts Guidelines