Charity B. Summers, Principal


As Garrett Academy’s Principal and a life-long resident of the Lowcountry, I have had excellent experiences as a student and as an educator in the South Carolina Public School System. South Carolina Public Schools provided me with many wonderful opportunities and a premier education. Therefore, my goal is to provide premier educational experiences for Garrett Students.
At Garrett, we have been going through a time of change and growth that will lead us to our goal of being the top high school in the district and among the best high schools in the state of South Carolina.  At Garrett Academy, we believe in providing students with the right opportunities to secure their futures. We believe that we are the conduit that is capable of promoting excellence in student academic achievement and preparation for Careers and College. Our vision for Garrett primes us to be among the leaders in the areas of teaching and learning, and College and Career Readiness.
Though there is much to tell you about Garrett and our ongoing attempts to create the district’s best high school, there is simply not enough time or space to do that here. The best we can do at this time is make you feel welcomed. You will find out soon enough that our school is ready to make dramatic changes as we continue to be a school on the move and that, by working together, we will create a great school experience for everyone!