Rules, Policies and Procedures


Student Make-up Work Policy

Students will be responsible for all work missed during an absence due to an illness or an emergency. Students must provide notes and/or reasoning for being absent to class. If a student misses class, he or she must make-up the work within 3 days of returning to school. Please remember that a parent note is required and should be sent to attendance as soon as the student returns to school. Check the Parent Portal every time you return from a day out of school.


Note: It MAY be necessary with some projects and assignments that the student stay before OR after school to make up work. The majority of our work is completed in a computer lab with specialized software.


Student Conduct In-Class Policy

Any acts of classroom disruption that go beyond the normal rights of students will not be tolerated, in accordance with the Garrett Academy of Technology Academic Code of Conduct described in the Student Handbook. Additionally, there is to be no unauthorized eating, chewing gum, or drinking in the classroom. Students are expected to practice good safety at all times.  Students ARE graded on employability skills.


1st Offense                   Warning

2nd Offense                  Parent notification and possible referral

3rd Offense                   Loss of computer privileges (time lost depends on severity of offense) AND parent notification

4th Offense                   Referral to Administration AND parent notification

Immediate referral to an Administrator for severe classroom disruptions


Cheating Policy

Students are expected to uphold the school’s standard of conduct relating to academic honesty.  Garrett Academy of Technology’s Academic Misconduct Policy is described in the student handbook. Students assume full responsibility for the content and integrity of the academic work they submit. A student's submitted work, examinations, reports, and projects must be that of the student's own work. Students shall be guilty of cheating if they:

  • Represent the work of others as their own
  • Use or obtain unauthorized assistance in any academic work
  • Give unauthorized assistance to other students
  • Modify, without instructor approval, an examination, paper, record, or report for the purpose of obtaining additional credit
  • Misrepresent the content of submitted work


Disabilities Policy

All qualified students enrolled in this course are entitled to “reasonable accommodations.” Please notify the instructor during the first week of class of any accommodations needed for the class.

Laboratory Policy

For this class, it is permissible to assist classmates in general discussions OR techniques. General advice and interaction are encouraged. Each person, however, must develop his or her own solutions to the assigned projects, assignments, and tasks. In other words, students may not "work together" on graded assignments. Such collaboration constitutes cheating. A student may not use or copy (by any means) another's work (or portions of it) and represent it as his/her own.

As a computer user at Garrett Academy of Technology, the student must adhere to the rules and procedures identified in the Garrett Internet Guidelines found in the student handbook. Students who take courses within the Career and Technology Department will also sign and agree to the CCSD Acceptable Use Policy Code of Ethics on appropriate computer use in the classroom.