Class Syllabus

Web-Page Design I
Digital Art & Design II, III

Semester 1, 2016-2017


Teacher Information:

Name: Jenae C. Haynes, M.A, M.B.A                            Planning Period: 1

Email Address:
Phone: 843-745-7126                               

Course Description:

Digital Art & Design is a nationally recognized hands-on course where students will utilize desktop publishing and image building software to create designs and art that apply to a variety of applications, products and collateral items. The understanding of these various skills and types of printing prepare graduates for Technical/Community or College education or a position in this exciting career.

(A legal requirement involves all students taking this course pass an OSHA Safety Test before operating any equipment in the lab.)


State/National Standards URL Address


Textbook Name:         Adobe InDesign CS6., Against the Clock, 2012.

Adobe Photoshop CS6, Against the Clock, 2012.

Adobe Illustrator CS6, Against the Clock, 2012.

Graphic Design Solutions


Material Supply List:

Ruler, Pens (Blk&Wht/Color), 3 ring binder, color markers (washable & permanent)


General Course Information:

Digital Art & DesignII teaches high level knowledge and principles of how to create graphic design and advertising for print applications in offset, web, video, and digital printing. Students will utilize a variety of software to create their designs and a variety of digital devices. Numerous design movements and theories will be discussed, along with current emerging trends that impact the careers involved in this exciting field of study.


Scope and Sequence:


Grading Procedures:

Assignment Sheets (HW) Job Sheets (SW):      25-30 points    Minimum of 55 per year

                        Pencil and paper activities which give direction for study and development of the

knowledge which is a necessary prerequisite to skill development.

Give direction to the skill being taught and allow both student and teacher to check student progress toward the accomplishment of the skill.  Job sheets also provide a ready outline for students to follow if they have missed a demonstration.

Tests:   20 points     Minimum of 2 per nine weeks

            (The End-of-year Exam is worth 20 points of the total grade!)

                        Written tests – Announced pencil and paper questions used to measure the student

                        achievement of each objective listed in the unit of instructions.

                        Performance tests – Announced hands-on activities used to measure students

achievement of each objective listed in the unit of instruction.

            Quizzes: 10-20 Points   Minimum of 3 per nine weeks

Unannounced pencil and paper questions used to measure student achievement

                        of each objective listed in the unit of instruction.  All Quizzes will be averaged together

                        and counted as one announced written test.

            Projects: 30-40 points   Minimum of 2 per nine weeks

These activities encompass applying knowledge of the graphics process to a finished series of items used in today’s fast paced business environment.



Homework Policy:

Listed on the classroom whiteboard and on Homework Hotline


Late Work:

Students returning to school with a Doctors note will have one week to make up assignments.All others will be recorded as a “zero” unless prior arrangements are made with Mr. Paradise.


Make-Up Policy:

Make-up work and tests are allowed for students who have obtained a re-admit slip from the Attendance Office or E-2, by turning in an appropriate written excuse.  The responsibility for arranging makeup tests and work rests with the students and must be scheduled at the conveniences of the teacher within three days of the students returning to class and completed within five days upon return.  A student may not miss one class in order to complete or make up work in another class without prior approval from both teachers. 


Classroom Procedures: 

*All school rules will be enforced.  Please see student agenda book for full details.

1. No one is allowed in the classroom unless the instructor is present in the room.

(No exceptions, since this is a liability issue!)

2. No one has permission to leave the classroom during the first 10 minutes and last 15 minutes.

3. No permission is given to go anywhere between classes.

4. No parking lot passes, talk to E2.

5. Bathroom breaks are by pass only. (Special pass for guys and gals)

6. Passes are to E2, Health Room, and Testing Center with a teacher or Administrator referral.

7. Make up tests and tutoring take place with an appt. 8:05 AM or 3:55-4:30 PM.

8. Absolutely NO food or drinks in lab.

9. Homework: Minimum of 1x a month: see assignment board or Homework Hotline.

10. Full credit for make-up within 3-5 school days of absence with a pass only.

11. Final exams:may be exempt for Seniors only carrying 90+ average in the class.


We have read and understand the expectations for Digital Art & Design and will support Mr. Paradise in his/her effort to provide an effective learning environment.  We also understand that this course is a rigorous course that will require a significant amount of effort on the part of the student.


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Classroom Procedures




We have read and understand the expectations for my child and will support  his/her efforts to provide and effective learning environment.  We also understand that this course is rigorous course that will require a significant amount of effort on the part of the student.


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