Rules, Policies and Procedures

Architectural Design


1.  Students are expected to be in class every day.

2.  Students are expected to be on time to class every day.

3.  Students are expected to be in proper uniform every day.

4.  Students must bring a pencil (not a pen) to every class. Architects and engineers use a mechanical  pencil to sketch, not a pen.

5.  Disrespect for oneself or others and disruption of class WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Professionalism and proper conduct are expected of everyone.

6.  Upon entering the class, each student is to be seated at their workstation until the roll has been  taken. It is an interactive lab and students are sometimes allowed to work together but only with the instructor's permission.

7.  Each student is expected to keep an orderly workstation while in use and to leave his or her workstation clean and neat at the end of each class period. Each student should inspect their area at the beginning of the class period, and bring to the instructor's attention immediately if it is not clean and neat.

8.  If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to ask the instructor for any missed work or assignment. Extra copies of missed handouts will be on the rear counter for them. Tests or projects missed will be recorded as a "0" until the student has made up the work. Make-up work must be done with-in one week of returning to school.

9.  Students may not leave the class or answer the door without the instructor's permission.

10. Absolutely NO food, drink or gum will be allowed in this lab.

     NO electronic device may be attached to the computers, including chargers and flash drives.

     NO cell phones.


First Offense:             Verbal warning

Second Offense:         Contact parent/guardian

Third Offense:            Friday after school detention and/or extra assignment given    (failure to complete would result in a grade of "0".

Fourth Offense:          Referral to Administration

Grading policy


TESTS:  30%



*Projects most often consist of one or more drawings, models or presentations done over a period of two or more classes.

*Tests will consist of a single drawing or written test covering material from the student textbook handouts or class demostrations

*Employability Skills will come from progress prints i.e. a plot/blueprint of a single days work, condition of student's workstation (see #7 of rules), CAD Book Chapter problems or their employability rating score.

*Classwork/Homework/Quiz will come from a single assignment from their book, internet research, or a quiz