Rules, Policies and Procedures
Children depend on adults to set reasonable parameters for their behavior. Such limits are necessary in providing program continuity and protecting individual rights.  Discipline at the center will be administered reasonably and fairly.  Children will be made aware of all rules as they are established at the center. Classroom Rules are set at the beginning of the year with student input.

1. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
2. Use inside voices.
3. Listen and follow directions
4. Always walk inside.
5. Share and take turns.

When rules are broken, the following procedures will be enforced as closely as possible.

1. Verbal warning
2. Time out and a discussion with the child about the behavior
3. Time out and loss of privileges.
4. Parent contact.

If the child’s behavior becomes disruptive to the overall welfare of the program, a parent conference with school administrators will be held to attempt to resolve the issues. If a satisfactory solution can’t be reached, suspension or removal from the program may be required. We do not use corporal punishment in any form. This includes hitting, spanking, or the use of physical activity to punish a child. Time out is set for 1 minute per year of age.  We do not use food as a reward or punishment.