My name is Mr. Slonim and I am the ISS/FOCUS Coordinator for Garrett Academy of Technology.  This is my 20th year at Garrett having evolved to my current position from Technology Manager, APEX/Edgenuity Manager, and Twilight Coordinator. Prior to Garrett I taught Science for seven and a half years – three in Middle School and four and a half in High School.

I have earned a BS in Oceanography, Master of Arts (Science) and Master of Education (Mathematics) and served twenty-three years in the Navy prior to becoming a secondary education teacher.

My goal is to facilitate your student’s ability to remain current on classwork while assigned to either ISS or FOCUS in a quiet, controlled environment when they have been removed from classes by administration.  

Rules, Policies and Procedures

Class Procedures and Discipline Policy

Students are expected to follow all CCSD and Garrett Academy of Technology rules and expectations while assigned to ISS or FOCUS.

Class Rules

Report to ISS/FOCUS on time.

Complete assigned work

Remain quiet and well behaved

 Abide by rules and procedures in the student handbook.


Students have already been assigned to ISS/FOCUS for infractions and they will be referred to Administration after the first warning.

Parent Contact

As a rule parent contacts with ISS do not occur; should you need to contact your student it is best done through the Garrett Front Office at 843-745-7126.

For students assigned to FOCUS, there is an intake meeting and an agreement form that provides direct contact for the duration of the students’ stay in FOCUS.