Class Syllabus English II

Course Syllabus

CP English III

Ms. R.P. Wylder


Ms. Rozita P. Wylder                    Room Number: 2050

Garrett Academy of Technology                        Office Hours—8:30-9:30                 (843) 745-7126 Ext. 27627

Extra Help/Make-Up Work---Mondays until 4:00

Credit for Course: 1 Unit                    

Textbook Required:  Collections Text and Workbook. Students will also be able to access text on line from anywhere with internet connection at  Access Code:  0544506405

Novel Reading:  Students must independently read a novel and complete an oral assessment.  It is the student’s responsibility to acquire a book from the approved list. Guidelines will be provided for this assessment.

CP English III- Eleventh grade students extend their study of classical and contemporary literature through increasingly sophisticated readings. Students develop a thorough understanding of the themes and different periods during the development of American literature.  They learn to evaluate the impact and use of literary elements, and student writing emphasizes a greater depth of information, accuracy, and cohesiveness.

Personal Introduction

Welcome to what promises to be a great and productive year.  While the 11th grade year is one in which much reading is required, assured success stems from your ability to accept challenge, responsibility, and work independently.  In this course, I’m looking forward to our interdependent learning experience, one in which successful learning depends on you, your classmates, and me.

Class Affirmation:  We affirm that we are believers; we are achievers, and we work diligently for our success!!!

Set high goals, and I will help you reach them!!!!!

Policy and Procedures

CCSD Grading Scale      English Dept. Uniform Grading Policy

A=90-100 Homework 10%

B=80-89 Classwork 15%  

C=70-79 Quizzes 20%

D=60-69 Tests 25%  

F=0-59 Essays/Projects     30%

***The course outline(tentative outline/schedule of lessons) will be available in Google Classroom by August 29th(pending training)!!!***

Additional Academic Responsibilities:  Students will study vocabulary to help prepare them for the ACT/SAT. Students will be quizzed and tested bi-weekly on Fridays on a list of ten(10) vocabulary words.  They will also study grammar skills, respond to prompts, and engage in Sustained Silent Reading(SSR).  

Parents, after reviewing the syllabus, class room rules and procedures, provide information below for your child’s  Homework Grade of “100”.

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Student’s Signature___________________________________________________


Best Contact No._____________________________________________________

E-mail Address______________________________________________________

Important Dates

Interim Dates Report Cards

February 17 March 28

May 2 June 7

Parental Conferences and Communication:

I strongly believe that a child’s success in the classroom greatly depends upon the support and encouragement he or she receives at home. I believe that parents and teachers should work together and share information which benefits the child. I encourage parents to check The Parent Portal(PP)  regularly to view your child’s grades, and  make contact with me at  745-7126, as desired. Information to access PP is available through Guidance. A great way for a quick response is to e-mail me at  I look forward to a great learning experience for both your child and me.

Classroom Rules

Students are to be ready for instruction when the bell rings

  • No sharpening pencils, trying to borrow supplies, walking during instruction

Students are to raise hands when desiring to speak or leave desk

Students are to use restrooms between classes

  • Two(2) Free Passes will be permitted weekly; five(5) minutes taken from lunch per use thereafter

Students are to refrain from eating in class(clear water allowed), cell phone use, profanity, and horse play

Students are responsible for making up work within three(3) days of absence(excused absenses only).  Student Support Time is a great time to make-up work.

Students are responsible for all CCSD Rules as mandated in Code of Conduct and Garrett Academy Rules in Student Handbook(available on web site).

Classroom  Procedures----Use MLA Heading for all assignments:

First line at the left margin(red vertical line)---Student’s Name

Second line at margin---Instructor’s Name

Third line at margin---Subject/Period

Fourth line at margin---Date

Double space

Sixth line---centered---Title

Ex.  John Andrews

       Ms. Wylder

      CP English 3/3A

      August 18, 2014

Daily Materials

3-Ring Binder—Optional


Flash drive

I Do Not Loan Materials!