Class Syllabus Honors English II

Course Syllabus

Honors English II  2016-2017

Ms. Rozita P. Wylder                    Room Number: 1068

Garrett Academy of Technology                        Office Hours—8:30-9:30                 (843) 745-7126

Extra Help/Make-Up Work---Mondays until 4:00

Credit for Course: 1 Unit                    

Textbook Required:  Collections Text and Workbook. Students will also be able to access text on line at

hmh online textbook    Access Code-0544506502

Course  Overview:  English 2 is an in-depth study of United States literature and literary nonfiction, especially foundational works and documents from the 17th century through the early 20th century.   At least one play by an American dramatist is included.  Opportunities for rich discussions and conversations are provided regularly.  English 2 students study the author’s craft by making inferences about meaning and the use of language, the author’s point of view, theme and figurative language in literary texts.  By reading informational texts, students analyze the development of a thesis.  Students create a variety of responses to texts and critique how bias is revealed.  Students understand, interpret, analyze, and evaluate aspects of literary and informational texts.  In addition, students continue to develop and use in their reading, writing, and oral communication their knowledge of vocabulary that includes roots, affixes, euphemisms, and idioms.  Academic  vocabulary,  as well as other opportunities to explore the conventions of language occur frequently.  Focus of writing includes argumentative , informational, and explanatory with meeting the expectations of the Common Core State Standards.  Students also engage in the research process, with use of a standardized system of documentation.  Honors courses receive an additional .5 weight on the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale.  This course is intended for students exhibiting superior abilities in the course content area.  The honors curriculum will place emphasis on critical and analytical thinking, rational decision making and inductive or deductive reasoning.  Independent projects are an integral part of the honors curriculum.

Class Affirmation:  We affirm that we are believers; we are achievers, and we work diligently for our success!!!

Course Content -At -A -Glance

Collection 1--- Ourselves and Others

  • explores how we  interact with other people--family, enemies, neighbors, strangers, and those with whom we disagree.

Key Standards Addressed

  • Author's Craft--analyze, interpret, evaluate, determine point of view, provide supporting evidence

  • Determine  meaning, make predictions,  inferences, draw conclusions, synthesizing

  • Argument Writing-analyze, evaluate, write and support claim

Collection 2---The Natural World

  • We are intertwined with nature; we affect it as much as it affects us.

Key Standards Addressed

  • Author's Craft--analyze, interpret, evaluate, determine point of view, provide supporting evidence

  • Make inferences,  determine theme, determine figurative meaning

  • Research with standardized system of documentation

Collection 3---Responses to Change

  • Change is inevitable; how we respond to it reveals who we are.

Key Standards Addressed

  • Analyze Author's Order:  Cause and Effect

  • Make /support inferences,  determine theme, determine figurative meaning

  • Argument Writing-analyze, evaluate, write and support claim

Collection 4---How We See Things

  • Our view of the world depends not only on our five senses but also on technology and surprising insights.

Key Standards Addressed

  • Analyze Poetic Structure

  • Analyze representations in different mediums

  • Determine theme/analyze its development

Collection 5---Absolute Power

  • Human ambition is timeless, and its fruits are fleeting.

Key Standards Addressed

  • Shakespearean Drama

                        Analyze structure, character, theme, archaic language

Collection 6---Hard -Won Liberty

  • Travels around the world to explore how people win their freedom from oppression

Key Standards Addressed

  • Analyze argument and rhetoric

  • Analyze representations in different mediums

  • Analyze character and theme

CCSD Grading Scale     






English Department Uniform Grading Policy---Grades are derived from the following:

Homework 10%

Classwork 15%  

Quizzes 20%

Tests 25%  

Essays/Projects  30%

Important Dates

Interim Dates Report Cards

February 17                                                              March 28

May  2 June 7

Classroom Procedures

Use MLA Heading for all assignments:

First line at the left margin(red vertical line)---Student’s Name

Second line at margin---Instructor’s Name

Third line at margin---Subject/Period

Fourth line at margin---Date

Double space

Sixth line---centered---Title


John Andrews

Ms. Wylder

CP English 3/3A

August 18, 2014

Daily Materials

3-Ring Binder(at least 2 inch)


Flash Drive                                     

**Important Note per CCSD policy—a student has three(3) days to make up work!!!!**

Parents:  Please fill out and return to me as method of contact and evidence of reading/understanding information provided.  This will serve as your child’s first Homework Grade of 100%.

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