Rules, Policies and Procedures

Classroom Rules

Students are to be ready for instruction when the bell rings

  • No sharpening pencils, trying to borrow supplies, walking during instruction

Students are to raise hands when desiring to speak or leave desk

Students are to use restrooms between classes

  • Two(2) Free Passes will be permitted weekly; five(5) minutes taken from lunch per use thereafter

Students are to refrain from eating in class(clear water allowed), cell phone use, profanity, and horse play

Students are responsible for making up work within three(3) days of absence(excused absenses only).  Student Support Time is a great time to make-up work.

Students are responsible for all CCSD Rules as mandated in Code of Conduct and Garrett Academy Rules in Student Handbook(available on web site).

Classroom  Procedures----Use MLA Heading for all assignments:

First line at the left margin(red vertical line)---Student’s Name

Second line at margin---Instructor’s Name

Third line at margin---Subject/Period

Fourth line at margin---Date

Double space

Sixth line---centered---Title

Ex.  John Andrews

       Ms. Wylder

      CP English 3/3A

      August 18, 2014

Daily Materials

3-Ring Binder—Optional


Flash drive