Rules, Policies & Procedures

Classroom Format, Requirements, and Evaluation:

This course uses a variety of classroom methods, including lectures, class discussions, group work, individual work, labs, field studies, student written and oral projects, and active student participation. Students are expected to participate in, and complete all aspects of required work to the best of their ability.

Tests and quizzes will be given regularly throughout the semester, with a comprehensive final exam at the conclusion of the semester counting 20% of the total class grade.

Grading System: 

  • Grading Scale

    A= 100-90

    B= 90-80

    C= 80-70

    D= 70-60

    F = 59-0

Grades will be weighted as follows:

Tests and projects                          40% 
Quizzes and labs                            35% 
Classwork/Homework/Notebooks      25% 
The above will make up 80% of your total grade.

A district final exam counts as the final 20% of the student’s grade.

A grade report will be handed out the first Wednesday of the month.

Student Success:

I am very interested in the success of every student.  If you are having trouble with a particular assignment or concept, do not hesitate to seek help from me.  I am available for extra help during tutorial hours, by appointment, and by email.

Policies & Procedures:

In order to succeed in this class a student MUST be present. After returning from an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to provide the instructor with an excuse form issued by the attendance office in accordance with the school’s attendance policy.  A student that has more than 5 unexcused absences may be denied credit for the course.

It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve the assignments and the notes missed when absent for any reason. Any handouts will be pinned to the “Absent board” with your name written on it.  Make-up work will not be addressed during class. Students must see Mrs. Burnside during tutorial hours, immediately after school, during student support time, or by appointment in order to receive any help on make-up work.  Remember: STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING UP ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND NOTES MISSED DUE TO AN ABSENCE FOR ANY REASON.


You are considered Tardy if you are late to class during the first 15 minutes. If a student is more than 30 minutes late to class, you will be considered cutting. Below is the list of consequences for being tardy to class.

1st-2nd: Teacher warning and documentation 
3rd: Parent contact
4th-6th: Teacher detention and parent contact 
7th: Guidance referral 
8th-14th: Administrative Referral (escalation results for each referral) 
15th: Referred to CCSD District office


Do your own work.  Cheating on tests or copying homework or assignments from another student will not be tolerated.  If these behaviors are observed, a zero grade will be assigned, parents will be contacted and a referral for dishonesty will be written.


Cell phones/ electronic devices are a distraction and disrupt learning. (Research has shown that to attend to one stimulus, a person gives up attending to other stimuli).  The use of a cell phone or electronic device is not permitted in class and school policy will be followed concerning this. This includes phones being charged. Use the thought, “If Mrs. Burnside sees it, she takes it.”



 It is necessary for all students to present themselves in a mature and appropriate manner that creates the best learning environment for everybody.  Students must maintain respect for themselves, other students, the instructor, and our community at all times.  Inappropriate behavior will result in the involvement of the student’s parent/ guardian and the school administration to aid in both correction and disciplinary action.


Students are required to follow the CCSD Student Code of Conduct, classroom rules, and Garrett   Academy’s Dress Code. Students will not be allowed to enter/stay in class if they do not adhere to the content of these documents. Students are required to wear an ID badge at all times.

Classroom Rules:

1. Be respectful.

2.  Keep a “business-like” atmosphere.

3.  Never interfere with another’s “right to learn”.

4. Follow ALL CCSD policies.

Please handle all issues regarding personal comfort and appropriate school supplies before coming to class.

Discipline Plan:

If a student cannot follow the regulations set forth in this document, the following corrective actions will be taken:

1. Verbal warning / Seat change

2. Lunch Detention/ Call to Parent

3. After School Detention/ Call to parent

4. Administrative Referral/ Call to parent

 Serious offenses will be immediately referred to an administrator.