Rules, Policies and Procedures

Class Rules (Be Attitudes)

1)  Be and stay in your seat properly dressed with school id on when the bell begins to ring.

2)  Be prepared to work with necessary materials (paper, pencil, notebook, etc.)

3)  Be engaged in the class task at all times.

4)  Be courteous when speaking to others.


GAT School and CCSD Rules.

1)  No food or drink in class.

2)  No electronic device use in class, including cell phones.

3)  No hats, coats, or sunglasses in class.

4)  Follow all rules as written in your student code of conduct.


Consequences for Breaking Class Rules

1st Offense:  Verbal Warning

2nd Offense:  Writing correction paragraphs about offense

3rd Offense:  Detention before/ after school/ lunch / call home

4th Offense:  Office referral/ parent conference

Consequences for Breaking GAT or CCSD Rules

1st Offense:  Warning        
2nd Offense:  Call home        
3rd Offense and beyond:  Office referral